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The Bodyguard App!

Network with your friends, relatives or people who are looking out for you and get help at any time, in a flash.


Send a help message from your wrist.

With the included Defapp version for your Apple Watch (iOS only), you can send a push help message to your preset contacts, including your current location from your wrist. Tap the screen twice, that’s all you have to do. This also works while doing sports or swimming for example.



Imagine you are being harassed or are in an emergency situation. Maybe even an emergency where you can’t talk, like a person in your apartment who has no business being there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a helper like your Smart Phone or your Apple Watch to call for help without being noticed or to buy you time to escape? That’s exactly what Defapp was designed to do.


Use an intense stroboscope to become invisible for a moment in the dark, to irritate a possible attacker or just to draw attention to you.

Alert sound

Play an alarm tone that has been specially created to guarantee you maximum attention. Defapp ensures that it is played at maximum volume even in mute mode and only through your loudspeaker, not through your headphones.

Compose SMS message (iOS only)

Create an SMS message to the contacts you have preset with a text that you can define yourself. All you have to do is click on „Send“.

Send notification

Send notifications to other Defapp users, e.g. a family member or a friend, whenever the defense mode has been triggered.


Siri support (iOS only)

Use Shortcuts to trigger Defapp via voice command, even when your iPhone is locked.


Let Defapp determine your current position and add it to the message. Defapp creates a link that points directly to a local map service and shows your recipients where you are.

Video recording

Record a 5-second video while in defense mode. This will help you in securing evidence.

Send video (iOS only)

Let Defapp attach the video directly to your message. Just wait 5 seconds and Defapp will update your message with the video you recorded.

Got Questions?

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